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Bostitch SBNK SERIES TACKER 1/4 - 9/16 Inch Length 1/2 Inch Crown .040 x .023 Light Wire Trigger Operated

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Price: $218.79
Product ID : 21684B



Trigger 21684B 84 SBNK SERIES SERIES Light Wire Staplers

BOSTITCH SBNK Series 1/2 Inch Crown .040" x .023" Stapler. Get this pneumatic tacker for driving light wire staples. 21684B staplers drive type SBNK from 5/32 - 5/8 inch length light wire staples.

Well-balanced, lightweight yet powerful tacker for SBNK series fasteners.

Buy pneumatic staplers - air staplers and furniture or upholstery fasteners online. Furniture staplers, upholstery tackers and fine wire staples are here.
Length: 5/32-5/8 in
Operating Pressure: 70-100 psi
Power Source: Pneumatic
Staple Crown: 3/8 in
Tool Length: 8.71 in
Tool Weight: 1.88 lbs
Tool Width: 5.92 in

The Bostitch is covered by Bostitch's 1-7 Year Limited Warranty

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