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We sell staples including narrown crown staples, wide crown staples, furniture and upholstery fine wire or manual plier staples.

Staples for Construction, Furniture, Industrial or Retail

Buy Staples for BeA, Bostitch, Duo-Fast, Paslode, Senco and more...

At, we carry staples for roofing, sheathing, cabinets, furniture frames and upholstery. Order staples for packaging applications including crating, corrugated cartons, stapling boxes and plier staples for trays and lids.

Buy Pneumatic Tools - Air Staplers -  Construction Staplers, Industrial Staplers or Furniture Staplers - Staples

Buy Ergonomically Designed Pneumatic Tools - Pneumatic Fine Wire, Light Wire or Medium Wire Staplers - Furniture Upholstery Staplers and Industrial Staplers. Furniture Staples and Industrial Staples are online!

Pneumatic Tools - Narrow Crown Staplers - Pneumatic Finish Staplers. Pneumatic Finish Staples for Construction Applications, Furniture Applications, Cabinet Applications or Industrial Applications. 

Buy Manual Carton Staplers or Pneumatic Carton Staplers - Corrugated Box  Staplers.  Industrial Wide Crown Packaging Staples - Wide Crown Coil Staples or Wide Crown Stick Staples at™.

Buy Pneumatic Plier Staplers - Corrugated  Box and Chipboard Box  Carton Staplers.  Industrial Plier Packaging Staples are available online at™.

Buy Ergonomically Designed Hand Tools - Manual Hand Staplers, Manual Plier Staplers, Industrial Staplers or Office Staplers.  Office Staples, Industrial Staples & Plier Staples are available online at™

Buy Ergonomically Designed Manual Hammer Staplers -  Manual Construction Hammer Staplers, Industrial Staplers,  Construction Staples & Industrial Staples are available online at™.